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Whether your practice is thriving and you're just looking for a "Gem" to take you to the next level, or you're feeling the pressure from low PPO fees, competition from corporate big box dentistry, staff issues, or a recession that never really ended, I can help. 

My name is Dr. Tom "The Gems Guy" Orent. Almost 20 years ago I found myself 3 days from bankruptcy. Good clinical dentist, but a terrible businessman, marketer and leader. Accredited by the AACD (an AACD accreditation examiner for six years), Dawson trained... and FLAT BROKE!

My wife divorced me, office manager embezzled me and I was facing a million dollars in debt. 2 days before my bankruptcy court date I learned that if I went through with it, my wife's attorney was going to motion the family court to dissolve my practice and my house. 

With bankruptcy off the table FAILURE WAS NO LONGER AN OPTION. I set out on a quest outside of dentistry into the business world to bring back and honed systems and strategies that enabled me to eliminate my debt in 3 years, and pay down my 20 year mortgage 17 years early.

At age 47 I sold both practices and could have retired forever if I chose. Instead my wife Elizabeth (the engineer) and I have dedicated our lives to helping other dentists achieve and exceed their dreams.

Please enter your name and email address. We share "Gems." Gems are easy to access often as of yet untapped low hanging fruit opportunities in your practice, capable of returning FAST, ONGOING INCREASES in REVENUE. 

Welcome to Gems!

Dr. Tom "The Gems Guy" Orent

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